14 at the Spring Valley Shooting Range near Waynesville, Ohio

14 at the Spring Valley Shooting Range near Waynesville, Ohio. 14 at the Spring Valley Shooting Range near Waynesville, Ohio. 14 at the Spring Valley Shooting Range near Waynesville, Ohio. Essentially, the EnviroPlan describes the “what” and “why” of the City’s environmental strategy. It outlines the role of the environment in future City decisions and actions. Throughout the consultation process, the plan was refined based on the input and feedback received.The core of Port Coquitlam’s EnviroPlan is a set of strategic directions that will describe in broad terms how the City will achieve its environmental goals.These strategic directions have been organized into eight pillars:Live: land use and neighbourhood designMove: transportation system and mode choiceGreen: green space, wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation and food/agricultureBuild: building performance standards including renewable energy and energy efficiencyFlow: water conservation and rainwater managementReduce: materials and resource managementProsper: greening of business and the economyManage: greening the City’s facilities and operationsAn implementation plan provided by the consultant will serve as a planning tool, assisting the City in setting priorities and direction during the annual business plan and budget process.The input gathered for the EnviroPlan has also been considered in the development of the City’s Corporate Strategic Plan, the document that guides all City actions and decisions..

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