According to a recent report

This means at least 1 in 10 or roughly 10% of County dwellings are being used as STA. The number of Airbnb has doubled since August of 2017. According to a recent survey undertaken by the Municipality the current vacancy rate is sitting at 0.8%.. Afin de rpondre aux besoins d’entrepreneurs du milieu, la SODISPA projette de construire des motels industriels sur des terrains lui appartenant dans le nouveau parc industriel “La Relve”. La construction offrira aux entrepreneurs des btiments amnags avec portes de service et portes de garage industrielles pouvant s’adapter afin d’accueillir une grande diversit d’entreprises. La SODISPA soutiendra galement les locataires dans la construction de leurs propres entreprises dans le parc industriel “La Relve” le moment venu..

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canada goose clearance Menoyo has been named vice president, Caribbean logistics, responsible for the strategic direction of sales, marketing, and administration of its logistics and ocean transportation services throughout Crowley’s footprint in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and other islands of the Eastern and Western Caribbean. He will be responsible for ensuring the operational integrity of terminal and vessel services for the logistics group, a role most recently held by Menoyo.Both executives will report to Steve Collar, senior vice president and general manager, Crowley Logistics.”Sal and Patrick are demonstrated leaders and team players who will continue to excel at developing innovative solutions for our business that provide value and efficiency to our customers,” said Collar.Menoyo joined Crowley in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1993 as a mate in the tug and barge fleet and later serving as a senior port captain. In 2000, he moved to Crowley’s liner services team and held successive roles of increasing responsibility across several locations, including St canada goose clearance.

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