At some point all German rescue dogs should be trained in this way.

At some point all German rescue dogs should be trained in this way.

You know, rehablitation center, the latest craze for those who are somehow off track but have the small change. Numerous Hollywood stars have shown how it’s done. One of the first hotels in the world is probably the Hotel Poochie on Pompano Beach in Florida. It occupies in the highly competitive segment of the disdainful in this country "Dog boarding" Pet hotels mentioned a unique niche. With a good dose "unleashed luxury" as the chateau works for itself, the bad dog will be pacified.

Wellness for Waldi

In addition to simple hairstyling, the program also includes spa visits and cuddling hours. If the belly of prosperity has become too fat, there is an in-house fitness studio for the dog pug. A masseur is available to relax after the animal exertion. What about the kitchen? Star suspect and very healthy – of course.

Manicure for the paws

The best: Pointed claws are simply manicured away here by the specialist. And to make sure it looks nice too, put a nice layer of nail polish on the ovally filed dog nails. On request, this can be done in the harmonizing color for the season’s nail look. In the designer boutique there is sure to be a suitable fiddle for the big entrance. The animal shouldn’t live like a dog.

What a dog’s life

After the special treatment, the lacquered pet is exhausted and brought to its room, pardon suite. Here, too, the Poochie meets the highest human standards: plasma screens, air conditioning, filtered water. Perhaps a compassionate chambermaid will secretly give him a sausage. Fortunately, after all, that the all-too-well-meaning mistresses have to stay outside.

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A red-brown beauty: the tame fox lady Ronja. (Photo: AP) This fox behaves like a dog: When mistress Ursula Stöter lures her with dog food, foxwoman Ronja comes running, makes males and snaps at the chunks of meat. The animal reacts to human lure, eats food from the mouth of its mistress and lives peacefully with two dogs. “Ronja is an exceptional fox,” says Stöter, who runs a hobby zoo in Krangen near Neuruppin in Brandenburg. According to the 53-year-old, animals in this zoo have appeared in television programs several times, for example in the ZDF series “Our Charly”.

Photo show zoo animals in the snow

Border Collie served as a foster mother

Stöter explains that Ronja can make males and eat dog food with the fact that a border collie served the fox as a foster mother. “Ronja has copied everything a dog does.” A director brought the fox from a fur farm in Poland for film purposes. The animal later found a home in the hobby zoo in Krangen – just like Fuchs Boris in the MDR film, who doesn’t get along well with dachshunds, but with nine-year-old Nick as his human friend.

Not everyone enjoys tame animals

An intimate friendship: fox lady Ronja and the border collie go on a cuddle course. (Photo: dpa)

However, tame wild animals and acting four-legged friends are not for everyone. “Wild animals belong in the wild,” says the chairman of the Brandenburg State Animal Protection Association, Renate Seidel. They are not suitable for amusing people. Only wild animals in distress belong in human hands. Foxes used to humans are easy prey for hunters in nature, warned Seidel.

Ronja is not a circus animal

Fox Ronja lives in harmony with the two dogs in the straw, as Ursula Stöter emphasizes. Around 300 animals can be found on their farm – from ferrets to llamas. They were bought or brought by people who found the animals trapped or injured on the street. Stöter describes her almost one year old fox Ronja as “tame and people-oriented”, he is not a circus animal. He seems to be popular with film people: After “Fuchs Boris is looking for a home”, Ronja was recently examined again at a casting.

Winter Zoo An offer from the Hannover Adventure Zoo

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The Obama dog "Bo" has created a great demand for Portuguese water dogs. (Photo: Reuters) German animal rights activists are warning of a new wave of fashion dogs. They suspect that the Obamas’ little “first dog” could trigger another dog rush. Because the first dog breeders are already reporting a sell-out of the Portuguese water dog in Germany. The youngest member of the Obamas family is called “Bo”. US President Barack Obama thus kept his election campaign promise and fulfilled his two daughters’ long-awaited dream of having their own dog.

"Bo" Bringing Joy to the White HousePhoto Show Pets in the White HouseAnimal life in the White House The pets of the US presidents

Big fuss about the little “Bo”

With regard to the worldwide whirlwind about the new dog of the US presidential family, the German Animal Welfare Association fears a new wave of fashion dogs. The association warns that reporting on the USA’s new “First Dog” could trigger a mass run on dogs of this breed. According to this, breeders already reported a “sell-out”. The Portuguese Water Dog is a pedigree dog with special requirements that, among other things, needs a lot of exercise.

Animals as victims of human fashion trends

The association emphasizes that there have been “animal fashion trends” with tragic consequences in the past. So after the movie “101 Dalmatians” there was a flood of Dalmatians. The Chihuahua was also popular as a fashion animal. According to the Animal Welfare Association, many of these fashionable animals end up in the animal shelter after a short time because the keepers of the animals are tired or overwhelmed with keeping them. The animal thus becomes a victim of human fashion trends.

Better to get a dog from the shelter

If you want to take an animal in as a family member, you should get detailed information beforehand and then inquire at the local animal shelter, recommend the animal rights activists. “Thousands of great dogs are waiting for a new home in animal shelters,” says Thomas Schröder, Federal Managing Director of the German Animal Welfare Association. Schröder also advises that one should not be infected by mass hysteria and that one should think carefully, because an animal is “not a fashion accessory”.

Cruel mass breeding as a result of the boom

The association emphasizes that animal fashion trends have tragic long-term consequences. Because the increased demand always leads to dubious traders and bulk breeders increasing their offer. The bitches are then abused as birthing machines and the puppies from these “animal factories” are often sick.

Dog Breeds Lexicon Portuguese Water Dog

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Helicopter training for rescue dogs is intended to motivate the animals to gain confidence in flying. (Photo: dpa)You are looking for avalanche or flood victims, missing or earthquake victims – rescue dogs must not be afraid of the helicopter flight. In and out – that’s why the German Rescue Dog Association practices getting on and off the roaring on Saturday at the Neresheim airfield in Baden-Württemberg "Helicopter". At some point all German rescue dogs should be trained in this way.

Photo show dogs learn to fly

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Some dogs can hardly wait for the flight

With continuous rain and cold, the Härtsfeld welcomes around 20 rescue dog teams from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate. Every quarter of an hour the helicopter takes off and lashes the rain onto the runway of the airfield. The dogs react completely differently to the helicopter noise and the rotor blades: "Aileen" for example, the almost two-year-old playful giant schnauzer bitch jumps up, wagging her tail and seems to be barely waiting for the flight. "Baya" on the other hand, a hybrid, can be carried into the rescue helicopter. The bitch doesn’t seem particularly comfortable with the noisy aircraft. "Otherwise she’s actually pretty tough" reports her mistress.

Dogs should learn to use helicopters

Whether a small beagle, a massive mix of mastiffs, golden retrievers or border collies – this nationwide pilot project of the German Rescue Dog Association is primarily about how to behave in front of and in a helicopter, explains Walter Kinach, the association’s first chairman 23 seasons in Germany. Much depends on the trust that the four-legged helpers have in their two-legged owners. "This is an extreme situation for the dog – up to and including death. Many have never seen a helicopter up close. The wind of the rotors, the noise – that is an exceptional situation."

Motivate dog to get on board

The dogs should have enough confidence to get on. Or get out – let down on a winch to look for earthquake victims in Turkey or Pakistan, for example. Most rescue dogs seem to take the animal-machine interaction very loosely. Like the ten-year-old Golden Retriever bitch "Senta". In the air, some of the four-legged friends almost doze off – or wag their tails excitedly on board. And if someone is inhibited, there are little tricks: the favorite toy or a treat as a lure.

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Should shepherds be classified as fighting dogs by law? (Photo: imago) Family-friendly, fond of children and easy to train – characteristics that make the German Shepherd a popular house dog. But the current bite statistics, which were compiled internally by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior, speak a different language. Accordingly, the German Shepherd tops the list of accidents. The statistics for the years 2004 to 2007 document how many people were injured by which races. This gives new food to the long-simmering discussion about whether shepherd dogs should be classified as fighting dogs by law.

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Widely used and therefore a front runner

The statistics of the Hessian Ministry show that more and more biting attacks from German shepherds are being registered. However, don’t be fooled by this absolute number. Because: If you look at the entries in the stud books, the German shepherd has by far the most puppy numbers. "The German Shepherd is the most common dog in Germany" said Udo Kopernik, spokesman for the Association for German Dogs (VDH). Kopernik thinks little of rattle lists like those drawn up by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. “Aggressive behavior cannot be linked to the breed,” the association spokesman continued. It is a wrong signal from the federal states to judge dogs across the board. It is better to take a closer look at both the individual indian brides online dog and the individual human.

The eye on the master is important

Kopernik warns: If a dog becomes suspicious, it is usually not kept by an average dog owner. It is worth taking a closer look at the master.

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