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Apple responds coque iphone 5c bouche to Chinese media backlash over iPhone location tracking After the Chinese media called iOS’s ability to track an iPhone’s location a “national security concern,” Apple has responded with a lengthy statement coque samsung a8 detailing its commitment to customer privacy. Yesterday China’s state run CCTV coque iphone 5c métal ran a segment heavily criticizing the “Frequent Locations” feature in iOS 7 coque iphone 5s silicone basketball that image coque coque samsung s7 iphone 5s records where the device has been in detail on a map. bague argent poisson The implications of the report were that Apple was sharing the data with other companies and governments. Today Apple responded to the allegations by saying that it is “deeply committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers” and that it has never created a backdoor coque iphone 5s logo for any government agency. China is a huge market for coque iphone 5s mouvement Apple that is growing rapidly, so Apple carefully dodges throwing coque samsung s9 blame on CCTV by coque iphone 5 2ememain saying, “We appreciate CCTV’s effort to help educate customers on a topic we think is very important. We want to make sure all of our customers in China are clear about what we do and we don’t do when it comes to privacy and your personal data.” This isn’t the first time CCTV has attacked Apple. Last year a big campaign criticized Apple’s “arrogance” towards the Chinese market with its different policies coque iphone 5 aluminium on product warranties. Tim Cook had to issue a public apology to dispel the smear campaign. You can aliexpresse coque iphone 5s read the full statement from Apple below. Much of the information has already been shared in the company’s privacy reports. Apple is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. Privacy is built into our products and services from the earliest stages of design. style ethnique 5 mm rond pierre de lune naturelle 925 argent sterling long goutte bijoux boucles We work tirelessly to deliver the most secure hardware and software in the world. Unlike many companies, our business does not depend on collecting large amounts of personal data about our customers. collier ras de cou accessorize 3collierfrance8410 We are strongly committed to giving our customers clear and transparent notice, choice and control over their information, and we believe our products amazon coque iphone 5c minion do this in coque iphone 5c decapsuleur a simple and elegant way. We appreciate CCTV’s effort to help educate customers on a topic coque iphone 6 transparente fine we think is very important. We want to make sure all of our customers in China are clear about what we do and we don’t do when it comes to privacy and your personal data. Our customers want and expect their mobile devices to be able to quickly and reliably determine their current locations for specific activities such as shopping, travel, finding the nearest restaurant or calculating the amount of time it takes them to get to work. We do this at the device level. Apple does not track users’ locations Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so. Calculating a phone’s location using just GPS coque iphone 5s uniq satellite data can take several minutes. iPhone can reduce this time to just a few seconds coque samsung j4 by using pre stored WLAN hotspot and cell tower location data in combination with information about which hotspots and cell towers are currently being received by the iPhone. collier imposant 1collierfrance534 In order to accomplish this goal, Apple maintains a secure crowd sourced database containing known locations of cell towers and WLAN hotspots that Apple collects from millions of Apple devices. It’s important to point out that during this collection process, an Apple device does not transmit any data that is uniquely associated with the device or the customer. Apple gives customers control over collection and use of location data on all our devices. Customers have to make the choice to enable Location Services, it is not a default setting. Apple does not allow any app to receive device location information without first receiving the user’s explicit consent through a simple pop up alert. This alert is mandatory and cannot be overridden. bague en or large Customers may change their mind and opt out of Location Services coque iphone 6 compatible for individual apps or services at any time by using simple “On/Off” switches. When a user turns “Off” location data for an app or service, it stops collecting the data. Parents can also use Restrictions to prevent access by their children to Location Services. collier femme mauvais oeil 3collierfrance3781 When it comes to using iPhone for traffic conditions, iOS can capture Frequent Locations to provide commute information in the Today view of Notification Center and to show you automatic routing for iOS in CarPlay. Frequent Locations are only stored coque iphone 6 rare on a customer’s iOS device, they are not backed up on iTunes or iCloud, and are encrypted. Apple does not obtain or know a user’s Frequent Locations and this feature can always be turned “Off” via our privacy settings. Apple does not have access to Frequent Locations or the location cache on any user’s iPhone at coque samsung j6 any time. We encrypt the cache by the user’s passcode and it is protected from access by any app. In the interest of even greater transparency for our customers, if a user enters coque iphone 5 divergente their passcode successfully, they are able to see the data collected on their device. Once the device is locked no one is able to view that information without entering the passcode. huatang a la mode colore gemme bracelet geometrique ocean vague bracelets pour femme fille ouvert As we have stated before, Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or services. We have also never allowed access to our servers. And we never will.

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