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Here Comes Authentication Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and Comcast CEO Brian Roberts will announce this morning that their coque iphone 5c pas cher miniinthebox two companies are linking up for a trial of an effort. This means a handful of cable subscribers will get online access coque iphone 5s london to Time Warner TV shows that have been previously coque iphone 5s paillettée kept off the Web. The idea is to protect cable subscription revenues by giving pay TV customers only pay TV customers access to all the shows they get on TV, and hoping this keeps them from canceling their subscriptions. But that old lot coque iphone 5c news: Comcast (CMCSA) already told Bloomberg earlier this month that the two companies are linking up, and that Time Warner (TWX) would offer programming from some of its networks in the first part of Comcast tests. Presumably Bewkes and Roberts will offer up a few coque huawei p20 more details, like which Time Warner networks are participating (good bet: coque iphone 5s avec les oreilles de mickey TNT and/or TBS), along with a timetable. But I worry that the press conference will be light on details, in large part because coque iphone 4s tealer many of the details haven been hammered out yet. Still, I been able to glean more from industry executives who been involved in discussions with Time Warner, Comcast and other players in the coque iphone 4s la reine des neiges authentication effort, which Bewkes has been calling Everywhere and Roberts has been calling Online. Some of the details: The test will start very small some 5,000 coque iphone 5 c rose gold subscribers Comcast is determined to expand it aggressively and wants to have coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s it available throughout its system by coque samsung s9 the end of the year. Comcast plans to use coque huawei mate its Fancast video portal as a hub coque iphone 5s surfeur for its efforts. And it may use other digital assets it has acquired as coque iphone 5 gold well. Online Rolodex Plaxo, for instance, which the company bought last year, could be used to help subscribers sign in to watch their shows. custodia cover iphone 7 plus 8 plus raven in fortnite fj0695 iphone 7 plus iphone 8 plus The test is separate from Time Warner Cable (TWC) own authentication offering, which is essentially the same thing but will launch later than the Comcast test, using different technology, and will likely offer a different mix of programming. And those tests are separate from the one that telcos Verizon (VZ) and AT (T) have been working on with satellite operators Echostar coque iphone 5c stitch (SATS) and DirecTV (DTV). That coque iphone 5 tealer one also has the same thrust, but will take the longest to roll out. Comcast isn likely to announce other programming partners for the tests until later this month. cover iphone 11 pro disney f4417 Hulu is interested in playing along, because its owners (GE) NBC, News Corp. (NWS) coque iphone 5c cristiano ronaldo Fox and Disney (DIS) coque iphone 5c en élastique ABC authentication as a way to appease riled up cable providers. cute cyborg iphone 8 hoesjes 1hoesjes8iphone4308 The cable guys are upset that Hulu shows (some) cable programs for free while they have to pay for the right to air them. In theory, authentication solves that problem for Hulu because everyone will be on a level playing field: Only cable subscribers will get access to cable programming, whether it on Hulu, Fancast or anywhere else. But the cable guys aren rushing to let Hulu in just yet. Separately, NBC has been talking about offering some cable programming that isn already on Hulu for the tests. That could also be seen as an appeasement move, but I heard a more benign suggestion: NBC merely wants to figure out if authentication technology works because it is considering using it for some of its coverage of the Vancouver Olympics next year. CBS (CBS), which isn a part of Hulu and which doesn have any cable assets of its own, would still like to get into the mix. The idea is that the network would offer the cable guys shows that coque samsung s7 it has kept offline until now (say, Mentalist while tying the Web programming to fees it would like to extract from the cable coque iphone 5s transparente noire companies for all of its shows. coque custodia cover fundas hulle j3 j5 j6 s20 s10 s9 s8 s7 s6 s5 plus edge d8932 air jordan marble 2 samsung galaxy note 10 plus case Comcast executives seem amenable to the notion. Big cable players like Viacom (VIA) and Liberty (LINTA) Discovery may participate in some trials but not others. jack daniels usa iphone 8 8 plus hoesjes Viacom, for instance, has been talking about working with the telco group but not with Comcast during the trials.

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