Custodia pelle samsung j5 2017 Promoting ‘Made in Nepal’ Products Globally-Galaxy S6 official accessories include covers-pneufy

In the middle of every problem lies an opportunity. iphone 7 plus hoesjes This is highly relevant when we talk about opportunities in Nepal. In between “there are no platforms and opportunities in Nepal”, the founders identified a unique problem and used it as an opportunity to create their own pathway with “Nepalko”. With the mission to create something of their own which is impactful and innovative, the founders worked on various ideas initially. After extensive research, the founder duo finally identified this problem and they leaped on to this journey to make their mission a reality in June 2019. They have never looked back since they met their first supplier. custodia huawei gives access to ‘Made in Nepal’ products easily, saves time, energy, and additional costs otherwise incurred along with the efforts consumers have to put searching for a reliable and satisfying product in the market. So, this basically gives ‘ease of access’ to the MALEFICENT DISNEY ANGELINA JOLIE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S consumers worldwide to Nepali products. N7 MASS EFFECT MOBILE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Besides ‘ease of access’, LIL YACHTY SAILING TEAM Cover iPhone 6 / 6S we aim to PANIC AT THE DISCO QUIZZES Cover iPhone 6 / 6S promote the hard working producers, artisans and local small businesses that deserve the attention for their incredible dedication towards making iphone 6 cover minion the products. Nabin Chhetri, Co founder Various reports and market analysis show that Nepali brands do not have the visibility and presence at the global scale. bracelet femme People have very little idea about the authentic Nepali brands and the locally produced products when the local market itself is flooded with a lot of international brands and products manufactured abroad. Even if we visit any departmental store, we barely KENWORTH TRUCK Cover iPhone 6 / 6S find locally produced goods on their shelves. custodia samsung In such a context, Nepalko may go a long way in providing a platform for domestic goods and even be the first step towards strengthening the domestic manufacturing industry as a whole. Rijesh passionately explains how thrilled the suppliers were to know that their products will be promoted online and they will be reaching a lot more customers without having to incur a huge cost. “Our customers cover iphone 5c cellular line are excited too. We continuously monitor their feedback cover per iphone 5s trasparente and its mostly invigorating. They are really happy to get authentic and unique Nepali products just with the click.” says Nabin. ‘Authenticity’ is the motto that Nepalko imbibes. Accordingly, we aim to create an ecosystem by making it a one stop solution for local products. This initiative ultimately aims to foster local entrepreneurship and economic growth with the merit of preserving Nepali culture and heritage ONE TREE HILL Four Years Later Cover iPhone 6 / 6S by promoting the authentic products.” says Rijesh. Besides the business aspect, Nepalko has been collaborating with organizations that train ANDY SIXX BLACK VEIL Cover iPhone 6 / 6S and support differently abled people and orphans to promote the products made cover juve iphone by such skill full artisans on the Nepalko platform. With Nepalko, these differently abled artisans are able to MINI COOPER BLUE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S sell handmade candles, thangka and many more products. custodia samsung This certainly is commendable and showcases ADIDAS DOODLE DESIGN Cover iPhone 6 / 6S the Nepalko’s effort to ‘work for a cause not for applause’ along with their belief in KANYE WEST FACE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S ‘big impacts through small initiatives’. the beginning, we had limited knowledge about all the legal procedures, quality assurance, and it was surely cover iphone 6s crea a challenge to navigate through these complex procedures. Another problem was the unavailability of a direct international payment gateway to facilitate hassle free international payment transactions. Also, a METALLICA BLACK SNAKE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S lot of domestic customers asked questions like ‘why buy Nepali products’, which are comparatively expensive than foreign products Hence, the challenge to convince the market is also there and we have been working to tackle one challenge at a time. custodia cover samsung states Rijesh, when asked about the LA LAKERS KOBE BRYANT Cover iPhone 6 / 6S various challenges they have encountered so far. In the beginning, it cover pyrex iphone 7 is very obvious that there are many confusions and insecurities. But eventually, things start falling into place, all you need is to keep going and take the required action. Nepalko within a short span has been able to overcome many challenges and hence there has been as many lessons for Rijesh, Nabin and their Nepalko team.

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