Did it have to come to what it did with his father?Singhania

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replica bags karachi Clad in a V necked, orange pima cotton T shirt emblazoned with his team logo ‘GHS’, grey track pants and Tommy Hilfiger flip flops, Gautam Hari Singhania, chairman and managing director of the Raymond Group, is meeting me on a warm afternoon at the JK House, Raymond’s headquarters on Warden Road.I am directed to the Atelier Lounge, which is part high end boutique and part men’s upscale country club, which features a bar replete with single malts, an exhaustive French wine list, and a gigantic 12 foot flat panel TV that could be mistaken for a billboard.Of late, the sports gear is de rigueur for him far removed from pinstripe power suits.”Well, I’m not part of (daily) management anymore,” is his answer with a half smile, followed by the rider, “I’m not involved day to day, but don’t think I don’t know what is happening every day.”From throwing legendary bacchanalian parties in Powai, Mumbai, that lasted from sundown to sunset and finished off with a champagne breakfast he personally curated, Singhania is now obsessed with maximising shareholder value, handing over operational charge to professionals and keeping Raymond in the competitive edge.That may seem a charmed life from the outside, but there are huge pressures, he says, adding that is “the professional hazard of an type A personality”.At 53, Singhania does have his plate full.There’s the disruption across industries, geopolitics and the shifting sands of leadership in corporate India on the one hand, and his growing realty business and an unfortunate and very public spat with his father and former Raymond chairman Vijaypath Singhania, on the other.Did it have to come to what it did with his father?Singhania pauses, then says: “There is nothing hidden about the dispute between my father and me. He wants me to do things that are not possible.””The company is on one side and my father on the other. The dispute is personal and my job is to firewall my family issues from that of the organisation.””God willing, hopefully one day, who knows replica bags karachi.

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