EDIT 8/31/17: Found a (possibly) better pair on Taobao

Is it killing the sport? Not nearly as much as climate change. I pretty sure Powderhorn does too, they had posters up for it when we were out there. Not exactly name brand places, but still plenty of fun and much more relaxed. EDIT 8/31/17: Found a (possibly) better pair on Taobao. Review is here. The differences between this pair and Annie are so subtle that I not even sure that there is one, though, and the color selection is quite limited.

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canada goose store One of my best friends, his girlfriends grandfather just recently died because he contracted pneumonia from a nurse working there while he was in the hospital suffering from a laundry list of other things. She told me that the pneumonia is ultimately what killed him, as he was starting to get a little bit better from his original ailments until he caught it.As far as I know, her family is currently looking into a lawsuit with the nurse and the hospital because of it. I was so angry for her and her family when she told me, as they were robbed of more time they could have had with their loved one had this not happened.Like these people, fucking NURSES think they’re doing this noble thing to refuse vaccinations, when in reality their “noble” stance can and literally will kill people canada goose store.

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