In the case of Shipley Lakeside (the former American Adventure

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best hermes replica In the current economic climate, where all councils are having to find millions of pounds in savings just to keep essential services running, it is vital that council land and property holdings are managed effectively.”The public sector is going through challenging times, and maintaining land and property assets is more difficult than ever. In the case of Shipley Lakeside (the former American Adventure theme park site), it has taken 10 years to get to the position we are in now.(Image: Dan Farrell, CoasterForce)”A tendering exercise was entered into to ensure expressions of interest were received for a wide spectrum of potential uses, including leisure and tourism uses.”The only viable and sustainable use that came forward was that from Waystone, the council’s development partner, and after a long struggle to secure viable planning consent, regeneration of the site is now looming, commencement of site works is scheduled for later this year.”After two failed theme park ventures, the American Adventure, and Britannia Park before it, the council needed to secure a viable use from a credible developer, which it has found in Waystone and the proposed masterplan for the site’s redevelopment, which has outline planning consent for a mixed use development and it is hoped that this will create much needed lifetime opportunities and housing for people of Heanor, Ilkeston and throughout Derbyshire, and possibly further afield with the East Midlands region.Pictured is Shipley Lake, the site of the former American Adventure Park, from the air in 2016(Image: Robin Macey, from the Nottingham and Derby Hot Air Balloon Club)”The proposed development of the site will also secure a much needed stream of capital receipt/profit for the council over the projected 10 years of the development agreement, which will hopefully make a much needed contribution towards sustaining essential council services for the people of Derbyshire such as schools, highways and care provision for the elderly and infirm.”But despite the rejection, Mr Salmon says his petition proves that people want a theme park back on the site, reports the Burton Mail.He said in his reply to Mr Mottram: “I think it is what the public wants at the end of the day. I have checked my petition and I now have 10,500 signatures. best hermes replica

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