Intrinsic Value of GKN Offers Downside Protection Despite GKN’s

1.2Bn GBP in cash and c. 700M GBP cash contribution to significantly reduce GKN’s pension deficit.The sale, along with a more generous dividend policy, supports GKN’s board target of returning up to 2.5 billion to shareholders over the next three years.Intrinsic Value of GKN Offers Downside Protection Despite GKN’s struggle to improve its margins, GKN remains a global engineering power house with a strong market position in both the military and commercial aerospace sectors. Below is a detailed analysis of GKN’s intrinsic value, reflecting GKN’s value earning potential through margin expansion, which is driving future upside.There is further upside in GKN once the Driveline and Powder Metallurgy divisions have been divested, turning GKN into a pure play Aerospace business with zero pension liabilities that will be significantly more attractive to any potential strategic (Spirit AeroSystems has been mentioned) and financial buyers (Carlyle, KKR, Blackstone have been mentioned as potential suitors).

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