New casino operating conditions after the pandemic

New casino operating conditions after the pandemic

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Las Vegas gambling establishments will open in the coming days. The reduction of restrictions caused by the pandemic has left an imprint on all spheres, forcing them to adapt to new conditions. Casino owners say that after the opening of the establishments for the first time, their program will not be as dynamic and atmospheric as before.

The main changes in the operation of the casino

One of the managers of MGM Resorts International shared information with Fox News that after the opening, all casinos will adhere to security rules. This will significantly affect the overall atmosphere of the gaming halls, but there is no choice. This is the only way to minimize the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak. According to available data, all gaming halls will be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

At the entrance to the casino, each visitor, without fail, will have his body temperature checked and the presence of a mask on his face. In case of violation, customers will have to go home and enjoy the maximum game on the Internet on sites like . No more than three gamblers will be located at each gaming table, and a personal means for carrying out hygienic procedures for cleaning hands will be installed near each of them. Casino employees assume that these measures will not allow visitors to get the maximum pleasure from gambling, but at this stage there are no alternative options for getting out of quarantine.

The situation in other Las Vegas casinos

Sad statistics show that the first quarter of this year was extremely unpromising for gambling establishments in Las Vegas. The total net profit of the casino amounted to more than two billion dollars. At the same time, for the same period of the previous year, this indicator was 30% higher.

Being held hostage by the current situation in the world, like many other areas, the gambling business has suffered huge losses. According to the rules, entertainment establishments do not have the right to fill gaming halls by more than 50%, but this is not feasible at the moment. Las Vegas, recovering from quarantine, cannot boast of a large number of tourists. However, in comparison with them, the entire gambling industry is in an even more deplorable state.

Another point that will significantly complicate the security in the casino is the mask mode. Such a measure will significantly complicate the work of the security system. According to expert Dmitry Slobodkin, the decline in the total turnover of the gambling sphere by 97% will be aggravated by the fact that fraudsters will take advantage of the situation and develop new ways to deceive the gambling business under the guise of masks.

Poker positions during the quarantine period

There were some restrictions in such a form of entertainment as poker. Players must be indoors under the protection of a mask and no more than four people at one table. In addition, the size of bets has been significantly reduced. Such a change will cause a decrease in the attractiveness of the game process and the total amount of excitement.

It is noted that during the quarantine period, the popularity of virtual poker has almost doubled. This was especially noticeable in April, when there was a massive influx of gamblers to the official virtual poker sites. The situation changed in May, but it was still more active than in real clubs. This can be explained by a decrease in the amount of funds available to the population due to being quarantined and self-isolation.

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