Sanders love ya, Bernie, but let’s be honest never passed his

“The core objectives are some things such as let’s drive a fast transition from fossil fuel, carbon transmission creating energy sources to renewable energy so that we save our planet. Second principle is, let’s create tens of millions of jobs as we renovate our energy economy, ” he said Tuesday. “A third principle ” a just transition for fossil fuel workers so that no one is left behind and so we show respect and gratitude for all the work they’ve done to power economy is the decades past.

7a replica bags “I think it’s just the aging process,” Cassidy said. “You learn in 15 years. If you want to get back, you’ve got to do things differently, take what you did well, learn what you didn’t do well. That’s why Sen. Sanders love ya, Bernie, but let’s be honest never passed his utopian legislation. It’s not because we lack courage; it’s because the other side has interests and constituents, too. 7a replica bags

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