So if you think Harden deserved MVP over Russ you should

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replica bags online shopping india 2 points submitted 1 day agoIt pretty poetic honestly because that was one of the primary arguments brought up for why Harden should win it over Westbrook considering aside from the triple double there were so many games where Russ would take over in the 4th, hit clutch shots for game winner/overtime, etc. Rockets fans would say well Harden rests most of the 4th because he put his team in position to win before clutch time. So if you think Harden deserved MVP over Russ you should easily see why Giannis deserves it this year, if you believed Russ should have been the MVP, then you can easily see why Harden deserves it this year.I think no matter who wins this year its well deserved. replica bags online shopping india

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