We were hiding in changing rooms, toilets and kitchen

A Cumbrian family have described their harrowing night in Nice as they witnessed the attack that killed 84 people on Bastille Day.

John and Vanessa Pieri, of Castle Carrock, were dining with their son Josh Pieri, 25, and his girlfriend, Jennifer Jackson, 21, at a restaurant on the beach below Promenade des Anglais, the seafront promenade where a lorry ploughed into crowds.

Mr Pieri, 56, said: “For a brief second [we] were perplexed but then we witnessed pedestrians running off the promenade onto our beach club metal roof and jumping off canada goose outlet onto our tables.

“The sound and chaos was alarming.

“My son saw a lorry turning from us. Then immediately we official canada goose outlet heard gun canada goose outlet reviews shots.

“Everyone panicked with nowhere to go other than the staff who ushered us inside the restaurant. We were hiding in changing rooms, toilets and kitchen.”

The canada goose outlet uk sale family squeezed into a toilet cubicle with four others.

“We then heard more gun shots and it was then the panic really set in,” said Mr Pieri, an insurance broker.

He estimated about 150 people were crammed into the cheap canada goose uk restaurant. Some people were injured after jumping Canada Goose online off the promenade, while others had been parted from their loved ones in the chaos.

Although people tried to comfort canada goose uk black friday each other, they had conflicting information about what was going on.

“We were worried there were terrorists above us who would try and enter goose outlet canada the cheap canada goose restaurant or shoot through the ventilation,” Mr Pieri told the News canadian goose jacket Star.

After a two hour wait, the police arrived to escort them along the public beach to the canada goose outlet in usa Hotel Negresco.

“The scene we witnessed when we reached the level of the promenade was harrowing,” said Mr Pieri, “Children’s mangled buggies and lost shoes and what we now understand to be body bags all over the area we had only a few hours previously been dining.”

The family stayed at the Hotel Negresco for a further two hours as police took uk canada goose outlet statements and assessed the situation.

They then made their way back to the apartment but stayed away from the promenade.

In total, 84 people were killed, 10 were children and teenagers.

Hundreds were taken to hospital and cheap canada goose in a speech to canada goose outlet toronto factory army reserves on Wednesday, French President Francois Hollande said 15 people injured in the attack are still in hospital “between life and death”.

The Pieris paid their respects to the dead by walking the entire length of the promenade seeing individual shrines with messages of condolence and flowers partially covering the bloodstained pavement.

“It is so hard to comprehend a person could have travelled so canada goose coats on sale far killing innocent people, many who https://www.baertakreation.de would have had their backs to him as he drove on and off the pavement,” said Mr Pieri.

Son works as fashion designer for uk canada goose Faconnable in Nice. He is due to end contract with this high end fashion canada goose outlet uk company for work with a famous Savile Row company in London for which David Beckham has contracted himself for a number of years. canada goose jacket outlet Our son featured on News Star featured on a two page spread by N Fashion editor many years ago. Seeing dreadful news on television canada goose outlet shop and being the last time he had opportunity to see fireworks from the promenade I was relieved when told he did not go down canada goose black friday sale there. I’m aware how shocked he is, although not first time as he canada goose clearance sale had stayed in the Mumbai hotel two weeks prior to being attacked by terrorists. I have seen athermath of tragedy on Berlin Wall (alas other events) but our lives are not all wrapped in cotton wall, with many of our parents witnessing far worse events.

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